Friday, January 25, 2013

New Blog Space for Space Games and General Scientific Babble

I decided to switch from an Eve Online only blog to a more general one which covers 'What I think is cool'. Obviously my youtube channel is where most of my traffic is, but I think sometimes I need a place to post other related content. So, here we are, time to start writing eh?

Anyway, yesterday Strike Suit Zero was released, and I confess that I had been largely unaware of its existence until I saw the game on I was sold instantly on the trailer and despite coming down with the flu I played it for an hour or so last night and the videos are being uploaded... slowly. The game does not disappoint, although people are apparently complaining about a few rough corners. It's available on GOG and Steam for 20% off until the end of January and if you want an action oriented space shooter then this is for you, if you instead enjoy playing something like Orbiter then this might not be the best fit.

Ahh here's one of the videos now:

Anyway I still have a pile of games I need to giveaway, so, I thought I'd try using this raffle widget to make sure it's all above board. This is primarily targeted at my subscribers so subscribers and followers get more entries into the raffle. a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Hi Scott, just saying the work you do is amazing and you have very nice children. congrats.

  2. Looking forward to the inevitsble science orientated content of these blogs, and the games that they bring too!

  3. I just remembered a game you might like, but I already said another one in the raffle, so here: Kinetic Void.
    It's currently greenlit for release on steam, and you can pre-order for alpha access from their website on the steam page. It has ship building similar to KSP, and then a sandbox singleplayer where you can use them ships, in what I imagine EVE game play to be like, but I haven't seen anything of it yet.

  4. Your raffle widget calls me Theodoreundefined. I think it's an error, but I kind of like the name...